We procure raw materials, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, roto moulded cooler boxes and other leisure goods supplying to business around the country

About Us


 Geoff Pearce

Geoff Pearce has owned and operated The Continental Group since 1997. 

He has more than 40 years experience as both an import wholesaler and contract manufacturer in the skin care, hair, bath and body industry.

We operate a number of business divisions including packaging and leisure. Pearce Pharmaceuticals supplies raw materials and holds  the exclusive agency for Saint Gobain Glass.



Glen Partridge

Glen Partridge is the General Manager of The Continental Group and has been a leading team member for almost a decade.

His travels through the outer industrial cities of China to source product along with his focus and tenacity scouring aisles at the Canton Fair and other like fairs gives him a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist your business find almost any product solution.