Health – jars and bottles

The health industries within Australia/NZ possess some of the largest and most specialised brands in the world. Continental continues to work closely with several of the largest participants, helping them to source and supply all manner of support packaging. These partners primarily require existing product lines/materials (jars, tubes, and bottles), with matching closures and dispenser critical, particularly for oil based raw ingredients increasing in demand. Our inhouse sourcing team, can access fully integrated design, development, and production suppliers, enabling the creation of the visions of our clients. The result is an affordable and reliable manufacturing solution and ongoing reliable supply chain.  Often this includes the development of new moulds to meet specific brand imaging and specifications, albeit primary demand is focused on sourcing and supply of existing market lines. Pre-printed glass packaging is the regular requirement, and we also have access to a broad range of local manufacturers who can provide decoration services.  Matching closures including caps, seals, pumps, sprayers, droppers, dripolators, and other forms of dispensing devices are a key requirement of completing supply in this area, and we utilise suppliers across Europe, Asia, and Australia to achieve the same.