Leisure Goods, Electronics & Cooler Boxes


We are Australia’s primary supplier of roto moulded cooler and storage boxes. Using our exclusive arrangements with two leading roto moulding factories in Thailand and business relationship with supplier Trimquest we offer a wide range of international quality products that are currently sold in more than 15 countries.

We have eight standard designs each with multiple capacity boxes. Our range of providers allows us to offer many product solutions applicable for use in the fishing and outdoor leisure markets including custom tailored shapes.


We offer value-add options for cooler boxes.

Examples are LED lighting inside a box, boxes with wheels as well of course your Brand on the outside of the box.


Additional offerings include drinking mugs and ice packs.  Camping chairs are a further option.


We source and supply televisions for one of Australia’s leading caravan and campervan manufacturers. 

We source and supply consumer goods both white goods and electronic goods for the mining industry.

Please call and let us help to find a solution for your business needs.