Continental Purchasing Group has supplier relationships with various specialty suppliers, focused on the highest standard of spray and pump manufacture, with our products extensively supplied throughout the broader industry sectors including Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical and Health.

Pharmaceutical – Nasal, Oral, Ear and Ophthalmic (Eye). Quality of product including dose uniformity (i.e. 45mcl to 220mcl), spray pattern and droplet size distribution are all adjusted according to different customer requirements. Different neck sizes and options including 18/410, 18/415, 18DIN, 18TE, 20/410, 24/410 screw-on, 20mm snap on and 20mm crimp-on neck (Tamper evident and Child-resistant) are also supplied. All manufacture occurs in class C or D cleanroom and materials comply with CP, EP, USP food & drug direct contact regulations. High-level microbiological safety and strict quality control procedure ensure safe and reliable ENT metered-dosing systems.
Cosmeceutical/Personal Care – perfume, lotion, airless, mist, foam

Food – dispensing pumps (long and short nozzle)

Household and Commercial Dispensers – aerosol valves, dispensing pumps, triggers. Various types of pumps available – spray, foam, conversion (spray or spout)