Continental Purchasing Group has supplier relationships with various local and overseas specialty suppliers, focused on the manufacture of screw caps and dosage systems, with our products primarily supplied for use throughout the pharmaceutical, homeopathy, healthcare, cosmetics, and chemical industries. The majority of our closures and dosage systems are made of plastic, aluminium, metal/metal plated and elastomer.

Our specific knowledge and contacts allow us to provide specific input on the development, manufacture, and assembly of high-quality primary packaging for the closure and dosing of liquids and creams in bottles and containers, where necessary, the tooling of new moulds to facilitate the same.

Our most frequently supplied closures include:

Caps/Seals – Screw top, crimp top, CRC, CRCTE, TE, CSD, Disc, Hinged etc
Droppers – Glass and plastic
Seals – Heat and Pressure