Continental Purchasing Group has a long history in the sourcing and supply of quality botanical extract ingredients for the nutritional supplements, functional foods, OTC, and personal care markets. We currently offer over 1,000 different herbal extract ingredients from single species sources, a full line of preformulated formulations, a full line of premium liquid herbal extracts, and a full range of fruit and vegetable extracts.

Our suppliers offer Certified extraction processes, which allow us to deliver extracts that are of the highest standard.

Continental Purchasing Groups’ primary supply evolves around the following product lines and extraction processes:

⦁ Standardised Herbal extracts
⦁ Full spectrum Fruit and Vegetable extracts
⦁ Bioactive Botanical Ingredients – cosmetic industry
⦁ Certified Organic Botanical Extracts
⦁ CO2 extracted Ingredients
⦁ Fermentation extracted Ingredients